I have added my personal digital garden to this site. Digital gardening is a really cool technique for learning and thinking that I have started to use recently. Basically, everytime you learn about somthing, or are in the process of learning about somthing, you write down what you think you know in your garden. As you mention ideas that you have already written about you can link them. These links are like paths through the garden. Its up to the reader to decide how to navigate. As the garden grows new connections may begin to form between ideas that did not appear to be related before.

For example, here is my article on digital gardening.

In my case, my garden is nothing but a folder of markdown files on my computer.

As I write more, I’ll push them up here so that my process is visible and anyone reading can take what they want from it. Perhaps it will be useful to someone looking for ideas to put in their own garden.

If you see somthing in my garden that you don’t think is right, let me know! Everything there will represent learning in progress.