do d9 $ midicmd "stop" # s "midi" hush hush d4 -- $ rev \n $ note ((scaleP scalePattern -- $ off 4 ((+ 2 ).slow 2) \n -- $ off 1 (inversion.slow 2) \n $(rotR 1.5 ) $(+ slow 8 "x" <~> generateMelodicSeed) -- $ inversion \n $ generateMelodicSeed ))#s "[pe-gtr:12,midi]" #gain 1.2 #orbit 3 #midichan 4 inversion = (* (-1))

AABA song form

AABA song form was very popular in American pop and jazz music from the first half of the 20th century. It is comprised of an A section, typically 8 bars, followed by a repetition of A, often with different lyrics, followed by a contrasting B section, followed by a repeat of A.

Its typically a song with lyrics, and typically including some repeating strophic phrase that begins all the A sections. This is often the title of the song. (eg. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, “Blue Skies”)

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