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Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is the human caused warming of the planet and all potential ramifications of that warming. The name apt as we are running out of time to avert the worst consequences.

global warming

This warming effect is primarily caused by humans releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases trap heat from the sun and prevent it from being reflected back out into space. Primary sources of greenhouse gas emission include the burning of fossil fuels, and the mass farming of meat for human consumption.


Small increases in average temperature globally can have devastating consequences on ecosystems and potentially cause [[ catastrophic runaway warming ]] that would render our planet inhabitable by most life.

survival is incompatible with our way of living

Most activities of modern life are deeply entwined with the emission of greenhouse gas. (For example, power generation, transportation, mining, industrial agriculture, technology and computing. (see: climate impact of technology)

Mutual survival will likely require changing most everything about the way that we live and redressing our species’ relationship with its surroundings.

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