do d9 $ midicmd "stop" # s "midi" hush do d9 $ midicmd "stop" # s "midi" hush d3 $ note ((scaleP scalePattern $ (rotR 4) $ (+ slow 8 "x" <~> ((0.25 ~>) generateMelodicSeed)) -- $ slow 4 \n $ generateMelodicSeed ))#s "[pe-gtr:8,midi]" #gain 1.2 #orbit 2 #midichan 3 scalePattern = slow 12 ""

Non-Causal Filter

A non-causal filter is a digital filter that relies on future input values. (thus non-causal) It requires a system that has some latency to have future values in memory to work with. (it has no crystal ball) Non-causal equations can be used to model filters that would be impossible or too costly to implement as FIR or [IIR](IIR filter) filters

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