d9 $ midicmd "start" # s "midi" hush d2 $ note ((scaleP scalePattern $ (rotR 3.5) -- $ inversion \n $ (+ slow 8 "x" <~> ((0.5 ~>) generateMelodicSeed)) -- $ slow 2 \n $ generateMelodicSeed ) - 12)#s "[pe-gtr:9,midi]" #gain 1.2 #orbit 1 #midichan 2 do d9 $ midicmd "stop" # s "midi" hush

Pop song form

To me stereotypical pop song form is as follows. Verse - [Prechorus] - Chorus - Verse - [Prechorus] - Chorus - Bridge - Chorus. The first verse is sometimes twice as long as the second. It may also include an intro and/or outro section. It may or may not include a prechorus. The form is a little bit like a roller-coaster, with energy cresting at each chorus.

Newer pop songs frequently break out of this structure. (eg. Sicko Mode “Travis Scott”)

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